5 Reasons to Go For the Loan Against Stocks

loan against stocks

Do you need some large amount without paying a higher rate of interest and repay it over an extended tenor? Have you invested some amount in securities such as stocks?

Congratulations! You may be eligible to apply for the loan against stocks and grab up to Rs.10 crore at a lower rate.

If you are not convinced, let’s provide you with some reasons to apply for the loan against stocks right away! Continue reading!

What is the loan against stocks?

As the name suggests, the loan against stocks is offered to an eligible borrower when he/she pledges his/her invested stocks with a lender. Since you avail the loan keeping collateral, you can also make the most of the lowest interest rate. If you are eligible, you can get up to Rs.10 crore to fulfil your many wishes and goals.

Why should you apply for the loan against stocks?

Here are some relevant reasons that will let you know why applying for the loan against stocks is a great idea.

  • Make the most of up to Rs.10 crore

When you can get up to Rs.10 crore, you can easily use it to fund multiple needs such as:

  • Consolidating previous and current debts
  • Managing urgent medical emergencies
  • Sending your children overseas for higher education
  • To expand your business
  • To go on the family holiday and vacations
  • To raise money for many more personal expenses


  • A lower rate of interest

You can also enjoy a lower rate of interest on the availed loan against stocks. It is because of the collateral which is nothing but the invested stocks. As a result, you can also pay a lower EMI per month and manage other life aspects without stress. It would also not add a much burden on your pocket and you cane easily pay the interest rate on loan against stocks without any hassle or difficulty.

  • Longer tenor

Availing a large amount does not mean that you need to repay it soon and hamper your monthly budget. Leading lenders let you repay the loan over an extended tenor to make small EMI payments and carry on with life without issues.

  • Zero prepayments and foreclosure charges

You can also make prepayments towards the loan within the tenor or even foreclose it before the scheduled tenor. Now the good news – you are not required to pay any charges for availing these services to leading banks and NBFCs.

  • Online account management

Did you know that you can also access the loan against stocks details from anywhere and 24/7? Yes, reputed creditors give you login access to their digital customer portal to assess all loan related details anytime.

Some of the significant reasons that can help you make the most of the loan against stocks are enlisted. If you are ready to get started, you can apply for the loan against stocks facility online and fulfil your all requirements instantly whether for personal need or for business purpose.

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