Think beyond the conventional idea of telemarketing with outbound call centre

Times have changed. In a biting cold commercial war you have to find your own special clue to fight it. It is not always mandatory that the customer will contact the company until and unless he/she has a dire necessity. A company in order to promote and sell their products or services must contact the client registered to their company through the company’s website and maintain a solid stature so that the customer seeks interest in the product or the services provided by the company to substantiate a long run business-customer relationship

How do you reach to your target customers?  One near solution is ‘outbound calls’. Outbound calls simplify the problems of large companies by helping their customers and implementing solutions raised in the field of business growth in a cost-effective manner. An outbound call centre is where the call centre agent makes a call to the desired client or customer favoring the company on specific grounds like telemarketing, generating lead, collecting debt, verification enquiry and so on. The reputation of a company relies entirely on an outbound call centre agent because he/she is liable for initiating a healthy connectivity between the company and the customer.

When the strategies of an outbound marketing is used in a strategic way, it reinforces the relation between the customers and heightens the engagement between the prospects and the organisation. Many large and progressive companies are moving beyond the conventional idea of telemarketing to building unique opportunities and maintaining relationship with clients. Most customers are depended on outbound call centres, it is a vital part of customer care. Outbound calls must be used in an accurate way to engage customers and provide them a satisfying experience.

Outbound call centre must focus on building a positive relationship with the customers. There are three basic steps to engage your customers and invested in a product or brand.

  1. Welcome new customers: There is an old saying that everyone is familiar with, ‘First impression is the last impression.’ An outbound call agent must be trained to create an impact on their new customers. When you greet a new customer, the tone of your voice, the way you greet them triggers the customer’s emotional mood. A warm greetings will always create a feel-good impression on the customer. A lot of outsourcing services consider that reaching out customers through email is a faster process to outsource services. It is just like the hypothesis of ‘The expanding earth’, not yet proven. On the other hand, if you reach out to the customer through an outbound call, the agent has full opportunity to create a personal and friendly vibe. A personal call to the customer at the right time can pace you off the right foot. Your outbound call centre representatives should be offering services to fresh buyers within no time. This is also an advantage for call agents because they are able to clearly explain each and every detail about the product, perks and also introducing them with any other services the customer is entitled to.
  1. Less pressure for the inbound agents: Outbound call agents must anticipate about the customers need and reach out to them before they dial-up inbound callers. When this job is done perfectly by an outbound call professional then it wear-off a lot of strain from the inbound call centre. This provides a positive customer service experience to the consumer.A mutual understanding between outbound and inbound agent is very important. Outbound agents must use data analytics to connect current customer with various products and service of an organisation. Core information are extracted from the customer’s previous call to help them with services.
  1. Make calls during special occasion: When there is a festival or an event around the corner, it is the perfect time to call your customer. Outbound call agents are always looking for opportunities to connect with customers. Special occasions, festival time, anniversaries, birthdays and so on is the right time to call your customer. An ideal time to reach out to them and provide them with special offers and products.

Technologies in reliable outbound call centre have undergone a huge change to increase sales, boost productivity of agents, and accelerate customer satisfaction. Building and nourishing new relationship with customers is the best chance an organisation can take to expand businesses.

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