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Online consumer reviews highlight the positive and negative aspects related to your business including customer service and purchase response of products or services. They are found in different places like –

  • Search engine result page
  • Directory sites
  • Niche sites
  • Paid review sites
  • Social media platforms

Direct reviews & ratings are got from –

  • 3rdparty blog posts
  • Comments on your official blog
  • Comments on social media posts

Benefits of online customer reviews

  • Promotes positivity
  • Provides insight of your brand
  • Conveys your brand personality
  • Builds trust
  • Boosts search engine rankings

Approximately 85% online community trust online reviews. Many business owners dread negative reviews because they can possibly lose 85% new consumers. Bad reviews can be due to miscommunications and errors, at some point. The answer to a question on First obtaining 5-star rating, all the time is impossible. Other things to remember about poor reviews are –

  • It does not indicate your product is bad
  • It can essentially be helpful to your business
  • Best way to handle bad comments is get more good reviews
  • The technique to handling bad reviews is simple

Bad reviews do not mean bad business

You can easily get caught in the viscous circle of bad reviews related to your product on review sites. This does not indicate you are doing something wrong. Actually, every business small or large has had to handle several poor reviews and if they had closed their business then ecommerce wouldn’t exist Tax preparation Visalia  Unidos Tax & Immigration Services Customizes all Income Tax…

(Tip – Remember your business is not bad, but the disgruntled reviewer may be a victim of mismatched expectations or this can be his/her bad day)

Negative reviews make positive ones look better

When all the reviews get displayed then people know you are not concealing anything. Just a few of your consumers are unhappy, but majority loved your product. Thus downbeat reviews are good because they highlight your real brand image. If all your feedback is good then it looks unauthentic.

(Tips – Everyone is not perfect, so customers value looking at honest and unbiased comments, even if they are not all affirmative.)

Bad reviews help purchase decision

Bad reviews provide genuine buyers a real scenario about what to expect from your brand. This aspect is challenging for ecommerce sites, which gets fulfilled with consumers writing about their bad experiences.

Basically, the negative word used significantly is ‘disappointed’ in comparison to ‘bad’. Disappointments are caused due to unfulfilled expectations and this data helps to communicate with potential customer’s expectation level.

(Tip – Bad review give prospective consumers what to expect from your brand, which you cannot provide.)

Bad review creates buzz

Negative publicity through press or social media increases product awareness because your brand gets imprinted on the consumer mind. Awful comments make new consumers curious about, who you are.

(Tip – Respond optimistically and politically to bad reviews and see your sales increase.)

Dealing with negative reviews

  • Don’t panic
  • Resist the urge to eliminate bad reviews
  • Respond publicly to bad reviews
  • Learn from all kinds of reviews
  • Collect more good reviews

To gather more positive reviews, make the process mobile friendly, offer incentives like promo codes or coupons and ask for your expensive product review.

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